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For more than half a century Henry Jacques has been producing Perfume for the elite of society. A family business based in Draguignan in the South of France, this very confidential French Perfume House has been supplying its Customers with some of the finest Perfumes on the Market. Our Perfumes are composed of pure, mainly natural undiluted essences, without the use of dyes and alcohols. Products are gathered from around the World to create the bespoke scents which will then require between 6 to 10 months to be blended and matured. A Perfume must have personality, depth and passion, in fact we work with emotions. The crystal bottles containing the Perfume are works of art in themselves, precious jewelled bottles designed and created exclusively for Henry Jacques Perfumes. In keeping with the concept of Henry Jacques, the Perfume bottles are made to measure (Haute Couture), many will have Emblems on them and are destined to last, these exclusive objects are incredible.
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