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From Saint Petersburg to Paris, the Korloff saga has always been closely intertwined with the history of the 88 carat Korloff Noir. The legend suggests that it brings happiness, good luck and prosperity to all those coming into contact with it. Bewitched by this awesome stone and its mysterious past, Daniel Paillasseur founded the Parisian company in 1972 that was to bear its name. Today, the Korloff Noir is part of his heritage and is the very soul and talismanic symbol of that company. This was how a legend was to grow out of a true story resulting in the creation of inimitable couture, jewelry, Swiss made timepieces and accessories. Today Korloff distributes its fine collections through more than 52 exclusive boutiques and over 450 points-of-sale spanning the globe.
Korloff Cufflinks-646220520

Korloff Cufflinks Consul Silver Tran

Korloff Luna collection

Korloff Luna collection ring in 18K pink gold with white mother of pearl in the centre. The double K, symbol of the brand is incrusted in the mother of pearl with a white diamond. Necklace, pendants, ring and earrings are also available in white gold set or not with diamonds.

Korloff Pen-621221101

Korloff Ballpen Amb Black

Korloff Pen-621221102

Korloff Ballpen Amb Black Plain

Korloff Pen-621224112

Korloff Ballpen Consul Black Silver

Korloff Pen-621227229

Korloff Pen Voy Gouge Silver

Korloff Pen-621227329

It is in shiny steel, etched with the brand’s trademark back-to-back “K” on the top and on the nose. Its oval shape makes it pleasant to hold. The combination of a classic look with a touch of originality makes it a refined object for men and women alike.

Korloff Pen-621227502

Korloff Pen Voy Brilliant Lacquer

Korloff Yasmine Collection

It comes on a variety of colors.


Code: 1073M –  KV3/36BR

KV4 Gents Collection

Code: 3064M – KV4L/3PBR

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